Dessine Moi Une Maison

Inquiry Question: How is housing shaped by culture?

During French class, we have been working on describing our houses.

This week we will begin our final unit project. Students will have the opportunity to explore two French communities. They will choose which one they would like to live in, and design a home that fits in that community. Their work will include a drawing or model of their home as well as three blog entries reflecting on their learning, including a realtor spec sheet or letter home describing their home.

Students will list the rooms of their choice, and write a couple of short sentences to describe the room. They will also draw a picture of each room for their good copy.


-Student can write short sentences, using learned vocabulary and simple language structures to describe their house. This should include a minimum of 10 unit words.

-Student can show their understanding of prépositions (sur, sous, dans, devant, derrière,
à côté de, dedans, à gauche de, à droite de.) by describing the layout of their home. There should be a minimum of 3 examples.

-Student is able to explain why his/her home fits in Paris or Montréal by explaining the characteristics unique to his/her chosen city either as a Realtor spec sheet or as a letter home to parents.

-Student has completed a blog post related to the See-Think-Wonder activity, choose a city and final reflection about how they made their choices.

-Student will complete a visual representation of his/her home design.

This project will be done mostly during class time, and shouldn’t require much assistance from home.

Students will be assessed using this rubric.




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