Dessine Moi Une Communauté: LC6 Final Project

Inquiry Question: How are communities shaped by culture?

Over the past several weeks we have been studying community and giving/getting directions.

This week we will begin our final unit project. Students are asked to create an imaginary city or town in one of the following French-speaking countries: France, Belgium, or Canada.

Students will be given paper to draw their town; however, they have the option of creating their town using a computer program, diorama or other possibilities they may come up with. (Students will not be graded on their artistic ability, so please keep it simple.)

During class time, we will be writing about our cities and towns using prepositions and classroom vocabulary. This city description should be one page (double spaced).


-Students can write short sentences, using learned vocabulary and simple language structures, to describe their community. This should include a minimum of 10 community places.

-Students can show their understanding of prepositions (à côté de, à gauche de, en face de, derrière, devant). There should be a minimum of 5 examples.

-Student is able to explain why his/her community fits into his/her chosen country by explaining the characteristics unique to his/her community and how it represents the culture of the country.

-Student has completed a blog post related to the See-Think-Wonder activity, choose a country and final reflection about how they made their choices.

-Student has completed a visual representation of his/her community.

This project will be done during class time and should not require much assistance from home.

Students will be assessed using this Rubric


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