Trying Something Different

I’ve decided to try something different for the last units of study for French 5 and 6. I have asked my students to share with me the topic that is of most interest to them. The students are then going to do the following:

  1. Identify the guiding questions related to the topic that they would like to explore.
  2. Identify the vocabulary and verbs related to the topic.
  3. Teach another student who is doing a different topic what he/she has learned.
  4. Write blog posts to share what they have learned at different stages of the learning process.

Some of the grade 6s have chosen to do “la bataille de playback” or a lip-sync battle. These students will do the following:

  1. Choose a song in French.
  2. Decide how to represent the song I.e. Via video or live.
  3. Write out the song’s lyrics and translate it to English identifying what they notice about the translation.
  4. Write a biography of the singer and identify the vocabulary and verbs that the students will need to know in order to complete this.

These grade 6 students will also be writing blog posts to share their learning at each stage.

Finally, for my former French Immersion and my Québécoise students, they will be creating pronunciation guides of the vocabulary and verbs for their chosen topic.


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