A New Journey Begins…


I am not sure if I want to celebrate, throw up, cry, scream it for the rooftops or what. As of this July, I will be a student again except this time I will also be juggling my work, my schooling, my two young kids and my husband. The word CRAZY comes to mind when I think of how my life will be for the next three years and I wonder if I have made a mistake. Then, I think of my cousin who recently completed her Masters and find my inspiration. She is a single mom and full time teacher and with the support of her amazing parents, she received her Masters last July. I also think of my friend Melanie who put herself through university while raising her son who was the same age as my daughter is now (4) when she began that journey. If these incredibly amazing women can do this whilst single parenting then I can do this too.

Thanks ladies for inspiring me to do this! Here’s to a new journey!


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