Dans ma communauté – Screencastify

This term in Grade 6, the students are exploring the inquiry question “How does culture shape communities?”. As a lead up to our final task for this inquiry, we have been exploring the different places that we might find in our community including the use of prepositions for which I created a quick little video of me singing our Preposition Song. (Please excuse the hair; this is the “I went swimming with my kids” look) The students then took pictures of the different places that we learned about in our vocabulary exploration and created some simple sentences to describe the “map” that they made. These sentences included the article (le, la, un, une), the subject, the verb (est) and the “blah blah blah” (including the preposition and the other place from our vocabulary). In order to be able to listen to all 150 of my students speaking in French, I asked them to create a Screencastify using the Chrome Extension. I have found that this allows for the students to be less shy or self-conscious as they are, usually, only speaking to themselves. Below are some examples of the students work.





I then assessed their ability to speak using the following rubric:

C’est un début /Beginning
Level 1
Sur le bon chemin /Progressing
Level 2
Ça marche bien /Competent
Level 3
Tu es expert /Expert
Level 4
Most words are pronounced incorrectly. As a result, it is difficult to understand the presentation.


Some words are pronounced incorrectly, but the presentation is still understandable.


Most words are pronounced correctly, making the presentation easily understandable.


All words are pronounced correctly.


As a mode of differentiation, I have two students who are previously French Immersion. I had these students begin an Identity Day Project. For this project, they had to do the following:

L’objectif: Partagez avec vos camarades de classe une chose pour laquelle vous avez de la passion.

Les instructions:
Collectez des choses pour lesquelles vous avez de la passion et les montrer aux camarades de classe.
2. Écrivez une paragraphe et répondez aux questions:
A) Qu’est-ce que vous avez choisir de partager?
B) Pourquoi vous le partagez?
3. Créez une présentation pour partager avec vos camarades de classe.

Here is the exemplar from my grade 5 Québécoise student:



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