Tooting My Own Horn

Today was a day of learning (as every day should be) for me. There were a group of visiting teachers from Rocky View School Division who had come to learn more about our Innovation Week. After checking in with some teachers and taking some reflective videos, I slipped into the staff room to see if I could be of assistance with our guests. After a few minutes, I was asked to introduce myself which I did as, “Hi I am Jessie Krefting and I teach grades 5 & 6 FSL this year.” and that is where I was going to leave it; My Assistant Principal had other plans and called me out! He introduced me as the Lead Teacher for our Maker Club. I would NEVER  consider myself a Lead Teacher for Maker Club or French Club as I work in partnership with two other amazing teachers. I am not good at tooting my own horn. I can celebrate other people all day long but celebrating myself is not something I know how to do! So here it goes…

I am a co-facilitator of our school’s Maker Club and French Club. I am attempting to create a culture of inquiry in FSL. I have done this by asking the big question for the year, “What does it mean to be French?” and having it displayed prominently in the area in which I teach. With the help of our school’s Inquiry Coach, I have designed a mini-inquiry project around Festival du Voyageur  for grade 5 and Carnaval de Québec for grade 6. It is my hope that after this mini-inquiry students might be better able to answer the sub-question, “What does language teach me about culture?”

In order to help my students to answer the big question for the year, “What does it mean to be French?”, I am in the process of creating a jigsaw activity in which students would listen to different French speakers (Acadian, Ch’ti, FSL, Québecoise, FI) answer the question and students will examine how they understood what the person was saying (gestures, cognates, English words etc.)  and compare it to what other strategies other students used. We will create a  VENN diagram identifying the similarities in responses based on the overarching themes presented by the speakers.

In February, a colleague and I are presenting at the North Central Teachers’ Convention on the use of inquiry in FSL. Rather than it be a stand and deliver presentation, we are hoping to have participants identify their own overarching inquiry questions and begin creating the structure for an inquiry project that they can then take back to their schools and use.

I am not good at tooting my own horn but here is my small attempt to do so!


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