It Was Lost, But Now It’s (Beginning To Be) Found

I have stated previously that French would not be the teaching assignment that I would have chosen for myself however, I am starting to find that my first year passion for teaching French has been reignited. I have taken it upon myself to attempt to build a strong French program at my school. The first thing that I started with was identifying 4 overarching questions to guide our learning for the year. These questions have been posted on my French bulletin board:


I then asked the students why we have to take French. They researched why learning French is beneficial and I have posted some of the reasons that they discovered on the board around the question, “Where can I go with this language?”

In grade 5 the students are looking at the topic of school however, in Grade 6, the students are beginning their first inquiry project around the question, “Why have some French holidays spread globally but others have not?” The first task that students are being asked to do includes:

Skills and Concepts Being Assessed

I can…

  • name statutory and traditional holidays in French
  • identify colours and symbols related to Canadian holidays
  • use appropriate greetings and vocabulary for holidays
  • conjugate the verb manger, boire, être, avoir
  • recognize elements of Francophone cultures in the school

With a partner, you will be researching why some holidays have spread globally but others have not. Each day, you will set goals related to what you will each accomplish on a Google Doc that you will share with Mme Krefting. At the end of each task, you will be reflecting on your goals and the work that you did for that task.

Research Task #1:

Why do some holidays spread to other countries, while others do not?

Research the following questions and submit your answers on a shared document with Mme Krefting.

  • Create and analyze a list of holidays from at least two different countries (excluding Canada) around the world to compare with France and/or Quebec.
  • What are the similarities and differences between those lists?
  • Start digging into the holidays that are shared between the two countries you researched above and those that are unique to France (or Quebec) to find out characteristics and make inferences about why there are similarities and differences
  • Generate a conclusion about why some holidays spread to other countries and some didn’t

Reflection Task #1: (Please complete on a Google Doc and share with Mme. Krefting)

  1. What did you feel successful at in this activity? Why?
  2. What did you struggle with in this activity? Why do you think that was?
  3. What kept you from accomplishing your daily goals? Why do you think that was?

I’m excited to see what the students discover during this initial task in order to answer the question but also to see what the students can learn related to the question, “What does language show me about culture?”

It is projects like this that energize me but also hearing the students say, “I love French”. This is what I am hoping for.

I am struggling now with differentiating within my French lessons in order to provide all of my students with opportunities for success. I am hoping to connect with other French educators within my own school division and outside in order to develop these strategies.


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