How Is It Going?

The first month of school is coming to a close which means that my first month as a floating teacher is also coming to a close. I have been asked the question, “Are you enjoying teaching French?” My answer is two-fold. On the one hand, I am enjoying the fact that I don’t have the same workload as I would with a homeroom class. I am also enjoying that I get to know more students than I would if I just taught a homeroom class. But on the flip side, I find it frustrating when people don’t see why French is important including staff members, students and parents alike. I am finding it frustrating also when French is the first thing that people remove from a students’ education. This happens for a variety of reasons including a child’s anxiety about learning French, their learning disabilities etc. We would never dream of removing a student from Art, PE or Music but why do we find it okay to remove them from French? Learning a language helps to develop different parts of the brain so then why is it okay for students to not take it? I am struggling to find an answer to this question…


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