Tips for the Floating Teacher

I have been scouring the internet to find tips and tricks from other floating teachers in order to better prepare myself for next year. I knew that organization was going to be the biggest priority for me and the following are some ideas of how to stay organized:

1) A Fully Stocked Cart

I will need to think of all of the items that I would have access to if I was in my own classroom and ensure that I have all of those items on my cart. These items would include: pencils, tape, stapler with extra staples, hole punch, reading glasses, Lysol wipes, pencil crayons, glue sticks, paper,  rulers, extra handouts, computer, file folders for each class with daily materials/papers to assess separated with binder clips and kept in a portable file box, gum, Tylenol, binder rings, planner, note pad, stickers, index cards, Post-it notes, Band-Aids, paperclips, erasers, hand sanitizer, magnets, whiteboard markers, whiteboard erasers, Kleenex.

2) Makeshift Boards 

Whiteboards or chart paper hung up with the day’s learning objective. Reward chart with each class so that I can easily put stars on for the day and have it displayed for the students to see their progress towards their term reward of a pizza lunch.

3) Calendar Pocket Chart 

To start the day off reviewing the date and how to say it in French.

4) Student Helpers

Have student helpers to pick up the cart from my previous class and take it to my next class at the end of the period, hand out materials, collect materials.

5) Be Overprepared

I am considering having a binder in each room with copies of the handouts for the students who missed class or leave copies of the handouts in the students mailboxes if they have them. I may also leave a small table with a cart with drawers on it to contain the handouts for students who missed class.

6) Technology

I will continue to use Google Classroom and PSDBlogs to keep students parents up to date on what is happening in our French classes. I will continue to use Twitter to share the learning that we are doing in French with the world.


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