Plans Change…

Well as does everything in education, plans have changed once again for me next year. I am still teaching French full time to grades 5 and 6 but I no longer have a classroom. I have to be a roaming cart teacher. BLEH! Not ideal but I can make it work. I have asked for a cart that looks like this:



This cart would allow me to write the learning objectives up on the chart paper for each grade level and to have a whiteboard to write on and not be erasing anything on the board of the teacher’s rooms that I am visiting. This would also allow me to store supplies like pencils, paper, pencil crayons, markers, rulers, etc.

I have also decided that at the beginning of the year, we will be doing a project called Parlez vous français? in which the students create a poster about why they are taking French besides that they have to! 🙂 We will also do one class of working on phrases and orders that they might hear in the classroom. This will take 1-2 blocks of time to practice.

I have also looked at various ways to start the classes since I have to travel to each room. I am hoping that I can have 3 volunteers in each class that come and pick up my cart for me from my previous class and then take it to their classroom. That will allow the students to begin with the class starter activity while I am making my way to the classroom.

I have also decided that I will start with the flipped classroom for grade 6 right off the hope but I will wait until after Christmas to do it with the grade 5s. This will help us to establish classroom routines and expectations. I am going to use a behaviour chart for the classes. Classes will receive a sticker if everyone participates and completes the assigned tasks. This is 2 stars a week. If a class reaches four stars, every student receives a token prize, which can be candy, or pencils, art samples, or stickers. At the end of each term, the class from each LC with a perfect or near perfect, record gets pizza for lunch.

Although things change frequently and are likely to change again before September, I am embracing this change. I am looking forward to not having to write IPPs. I am looking forward to getting to know more students. I am looking forward to showing students, staff and parents, why learning a second language is so important and how it can enhance the learning that is already taking place in their curriculum and classrooms. I am looking forward to not having to set-up a classroom and to having more time to spend with my family. I am looking forward to starting up French Club, Maker Club and Book Club.


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