Where’s Mrs. Krefting?


A new school year has begun but for the first time since I graduated from high school 15 years ago, I am not back to the classroom. I had a baby in February and am enjoying my maternity leave very much. Watching her explore her world and discover & learn new things has renewed my passion for teaching!!

Hence my anxiety about not going back this September. I LOVE teaching! I love (almost) everything about it and with this renewed passion, I just want to try out all 
these ideas that are percolating in my brain (thanks Pinterest!!). But I am torn. I love being at home with my beautiful little girl and I know that I need to cherish all of my time with her as she will be grow-up way too fast but there is a weird nagging feeling that feels like I am missing out. 😦  My husband doesn’t get it. My family doesn’t get it. Heck, even some of my colleagues think I am crazy! 😉 (and I am happy to say that, yes I am crazy about what I do!!!)
Lucky for me, I have a wonderful new team of teachers who is keeping me in the loop and asking me questions about how I see things. I am also lucky that the young teacher taking this portion of my maternity leave is a former student-teacher of mine and really wants to ensure that she sets the kids up positively for my arrival in January! And I love them for it!! It has given me the outlet for my passion and love of teaching while I am away which has allowed me to focus my attention on my new passion and love, my daughter! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart LC 5! You are an amazing group of teachers and I look forward to coming back to work along side you in January! And a special thank you to Raeann for helping me to express my desires and wishes for our students but for also making this your tome with them. They will  e better students as a result!! You are an amazing teacher and will go far in this profession!!!


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