3 Days of Extreme Learning

Teacher’s Convention 2011 began on Wednesday, February 9th with me travelling to Red Deer to see Sir Ken Robinson. There were many things that Sir Ken said that resonated with me. The first was so obvious and I am hoping that the Education Minister in Alberta has heard it (he was present at the presentation): “Education is standardized but people are not standardized”. To this end Sir Ken also told the audience that our curriculum needs to be flexible and at the heart of education are the minds and appetites of our students. This truly hit home for me as it reminds me of why I chose to come work at my current school. At Greystone we are all about the minds and appetites of our students and finding ways to have our students become involved with the subjects that we are teaching.

There were many other things that Sir Ken said that I wrote down and will keep with me however, the ideas listed above became the precursor for the next two days of extreme learning that I did. The first session that I attended was “Active Learning” presented by John Felling. (Check out his website at www.nosweateducation.com) He opened my eyes to how I can motivate my students in Math through the use of physical activity.

The second session I attended was “Bringing Literacy Alive” (Check out the website at www.bringinglearningalive.com). The presenter, Lenee Fyfe, has motivated me and shown me how to motivate my students in Language Arts through a variety of activities such as flatbooks and story starters. I also found some very creative lessons for my next unit in Social Studies that I am looking forward to sharing with my students next week.

I am invigorated and excited to walk in to school on Monday morning and share with my students what I learned at this year’s convention. How about you?


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