The Learning Curve is Steep!

The month of January is flying by and it seems that as I get more comfortable with blogging, I decide to take on some new technology challenge! The latest is using Twitter in order to touch base with other educators! What a fantastic method! Now how can I use it in the classroom…this is a question I am pondering but that I am not ready to venture into, yet! Maybe in the future…

One of the great tweets that I have read by other educators was written by Katherine Mann, a colleague. She was sharing her thoughts on the Alberta government’s document “Reporting for Real Life-Inspiring Action key competencies to enhance learning”. In reading her post, I was motivated and inspired to question why we don’t assess students based on the competencies that the government of Alberta has outlined. Like Kathy, I wonder how radically the change would transform the educational experiences of many of our students, who currently feel that they are not good at anything to feeling like they are competent at Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Social Responsibility & Cultural, Global and Environmental Awareness, Communication, Digital Literacy, Life-long Learning, Self-Direction and Personal Management, Collaboration and Leadership or Creativity and Innovation tather than just Math, Science, Language Arts or Social Studies. I wonder if we were to assess students in this way, would we continue to hear “Why am I learning this?” or would students find the connections for themselves between these competencies and life beyond the walls of the school building? Would the “real-world” be able to say that students are not prepared for the workplace if the students have been assessed based on these competencies?

Thanks Kathy for giving me this food for thought. You’ve inspired me (again) to look at why I do the things I do…what is the purpose?


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