Big Ideas

Yesterday afternoon,  I was working with my colleagues to develop some big, enduring understandings for the Alberta Math curriculum from grades 5-9. It was a challenge to chunk the curriculum together into the enduring understanding that were going to be workable at all of the grades from 5 – 9. We had to keep coming back to the question “What is it that we want students to be able to know and do 10 years from now?” We decided that Estimation, Number Sense, Mental Math Strategies and Basic Operations.

Our new challenge is to now find time to do the BIG ideas for the other 3 strands. We are going to be presenting the BIG ideas we have some up with to our colleagues at staff meeting in March but I thought that maybe  I would see what others, outside of our school, thought of the ideas that we’ve come up with. If you have time, take a look at these and provide me with some feedback that we could do to tweak our ideas! Thanks!

1. Relate numbers to friendly numbers and judge the reasonability of the estimation.
2. Recognize the patterns in our number system and extend it to include decimals, fractions, and ratios and relate it back to the patterns in our number system.
3. Recognize the patterns in multiplication and division facts and use it in partnership with mental math strategies.
4. Recognize the relationship between multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.


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