Experimenting with Technology in the Classroom

Over the winter break I was contemplating all the new and innovative technology that my students would be coming back to school with and I was wondering how I might be able to bring that technology into my classroom and teach my students how to use it as a tool for their education rather than just a fun toy to play games and music on.

I decided that I would try an experiment with my students. I have opened up my classroom to having iPods and Nintendo DSi’s sitting on desks for the students to use throughout the day. We have discussed using the Calendar function of the two devices in order for the students to set-up reminders of upcoming due dates and other important dates that may be coming up. We also discussed using the Notes application of the iPod for students to use as their agenda because, as I explained to the parents, the students will inevitably forget to bring their agenda to school but they never seem to forget their digital devices!

The last application I suggested my students try out was the Voice Memos or Voice Recorder. I suggested that my students use the application when I am giving instructions for assignments so that they can listen to the instructions over and over again, as many times as they need to, in order to alleviate some of my frustration with having to repeat myself over and over again as well as to allow those students who have learning difficulties to chunk the instructions for themselves and listen to the next steps when they are ready to complete that next step. I also feel that this last idea will help those students with learning difficulties to not feel so self-conscience about being different from everyone else because the idea has been put out to the entire class and no one will truly know what their peers are listening to.

So far the students are on board and are using their digital devices as a tool. It may be wishful thinking but I am hoping that their enthusiasm does not wane as the remainder of the year goes on!


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